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Our mission is to help our customers get a safe, simpler and secure data protection free of data clutter. Our computer professionales have long experience from the largest computer operations in Norway, and have a number of certifications, both in software, technology and project managment. Datafolka is for samll and medium-sized businesses. Especially those without their own IT-department and companies that are much better at anything else except data and who have understood that focusing on their core area is more important than spending their precious time arguing with your computer. Some feel that data can cost more than it tastes. That’s why Datafolka offers solutions that can reduce your data costs and is a caretaker for your computers

Our good customers

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What we do

What distinguishes us from many other data sets is that we want to help find solutions that make the least use for us when the solutions are operational. Our support service focuses on learning you the solution to the problem so that you can solve the problem on your own again if it is something you can easily do and if it’s desired. We want to help you in a way that gives you the most value for your money and which can save you future costs. Since the “Technology Train” is running fast, there are many smaller companies that need a professional technology partner. In order for you to get the most hassle free data we are here for you. We provide advice, we operate and maintain and we provide support. For you, it’s important that things only work and that data clicks are fixed when you need it. That way, you and your colleagues can do what you really want to do to make your business profitable and have the opportunity to keep jobs. In addition to making sure things work, we are also with you when you want to renew your digital commitment. We are with you when you want to look into new ways to make money. We are with you when you want to find new ways to reduce costs. We are with you when you want to look at new ways to work on which are smarter and less resource-intensive. We are a great fan of smart automations of tasks and processes that can free up time and resources.


Systemcare is a service that provides better machine health and reduces data clutter. Systemcare contains antivirus and other tools that make your computer safer, more stable, faster and clearer. Trouble with a formula in Excel? Do you want to change a setting that you can not find? Systemcare also includes a “support system” where you can report a problem with your PC and get help from us. You can try Systemcare for free for 30 days no matter what service level is selected. If you are not satisfied you will get your money back.

CONTACT US, We can certainly help you

We are a different computer company, whose mission is to simplify data business for SMEs and private individuals. Especially you who do not want or have the budget to use big and expensive data providers. Contact us if you have a need or problem you would like to discuss with us

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